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Started by Jek, June 25, 2010, 12:21:40 am

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Jeks Resources
By Jek...

RMXP sprites

Stuff Ive made for RMXP. I have more, but I can't find it. At one point in time I made a recolor for each and every RTP hero sprite, and then I lost it... All that work, lost...
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Here is some Blizz ABS stuff...

RMXP Geredreth style sprites

I like the looks of this style of RMXP charsets.
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Based on this guy:

RM2k3 sprites

When I used 2k3...
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Montas Battler Edits

I love Monta's battlers so much that my website uses the sprites everywhere. Even my Monster Generator!
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Pokemon Edits

Most of this stuff I made for CP.
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Other Stuff

This stuff was done by drawing something out and then spriting.
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I rather like that template. (The style, not the naked man.) What's it called?


June 25, 2010, 12:24:44 am #2 Last Edit: June 25, 2010, 02:16:35 am by Jek
Its called Geredreth. You can find it here:,4334.0.html

Edit: I just finished character 1!



Im further with the archer chick...

Also, I noticed that the first frame for each direction is shifted one pixel to the left. I fixed that in my charsets.


I never finished the archer sprite. I decided to instead use RTP charsets and just change each battler instead. I made arshes!
I turned this: Into this:


I updated my post to show every single one of my sprite achievements I could find.


I changed the name of the post and bumped it right now because im an attention whore.


Quote from: Darth Tits Mcgee on June 26, 2010, 12:55:46 am
Im further with the archer chick...

Also, I noticed that the first frame for each direction is shifted one pixel to the left. I fixed that in my charsets.

I request this to get finished.


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Ok, You people need to make more posts...  I am tired of necroposting, lol

Jek, love the car you did and that leads me to my request...  Could you do up some wrecked, damaged & overall zombie attacked cars?  You dont have to add any blood or gore, I can do that.  (I'm good at the small stuff)  Will let you decide on what cars to make, but the setting is a large southren city.  Some that I am looking for are cop cars, a few military cars, and a bunch of random everyday cars.  Some with busted windows and open doors on others.  Mabie mirrors broken off to add effect.

If I dont use them for my main project (Z.E.R.O. - Zombie Emergency Response Operation), then I will use them in one I am doing for kicks and giggles...  (GTA:Zombie Land).  lol  Eitherway, I need cars, trucks, and if you feel froggy, A crashed 747 broken into sections.


Perhaps Jek is still active. But at this moment, he hasn't logged on since October 11, 2010, 01:11:47 PM. That's not a good sign.

I know. There was a down-low of activity during my absence. I guess it went up after I came back, indirectly or not? xD

Anyway, since he's not here, at this moment I think it's pretty null to continue this request station. You should probably stick to the ones that are stickied (Oh god the corniness in wordplay), since those are, for the most part, active and reliable.

I guess I'll lock this.

Jek, if you ever come back and want this unlocked, please let me know. :)

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