If anyone wants it, A modren inner chip I have been working on. + more suff.

Started by DeXuS, January 04, 2011, 04:44:39 pm

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Most of it is from other stuff that I "borrowed" to compile into usefull chips and other stuff I made or riped from pc games and scaled down.  But hey, It's free.  lol

-Unfinished Tileset-
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-Unfinished weapons icons-

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-Zombie Overlay to turn your people into zombies.-  First one I did...  If your nice I may part with the ones I am using in my game!  :P

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-A few zombies done with the overlay...-  Though it helps the effect if you put a big hole in their chest or chop off a limb in paint.net.

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Oh my.

Well, first, I corrected that little BBCode error you made there. ;)

It looked like this originally:


That's quite a nightmare! But yeah, I think the "IMG code for forums" isn't the same type of BBCode as our forum here. Just take the direct link instead.

Not to mention now, your image got resized. Probably not a good thing since it's a tileset. ...I think http://imageshack.us allows high dimension images. I'm not sure. The resize might also be because of a space issue (i.e. it's too many kilo/megabytes). Uhh, I guess you better find another web site to upload that on.

I like the Weapon icons. But some parts of it aren't very consistent, like the First aid kit compared to say, the syringe or grenade. Not much to worry though.

Overlay's pretty cool. Now we just need to skin tone them up and we'll have a bona-fide zombie, ready for some brain munching.

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 :O.o: I thought somthing was wrong with that tileset...   Thanks for fixing the code, I did the copy/paste so fast that I grabbed the wrong one.   :(   Guess i'm going to have to re-post it tomorrow, My desktop hates java so me using many image hosting sites are nill here. 

As to the icons...  They are actually going in my game about zombies.  First aid kit is for health, the needle is for a vaccine.  (Not being guns... If that's what you meant...)

Anyways,  Thanks a trillion in zimbaway bucks, lol